All Orchard Ridge business places are closed for the season - except Rolling Ground Tavern - Open everyday except Monday, Opens at 11 am.

The yellow highway signs on Hwy. 131 north of Gays Mill were installed to assist in visitors in finding their way around Orchard Ridge.

The sign below is on Hwy. 131 north of Gays Mills at the intersection with Del La Mater Road - a winding, roller-coaster but paved road leading up to Hwy. 171.

At the junction of Hwy. 171 and Del La Mater Rd. you will see the large sign below. 


May:  Gays Mills  Mother's Day Weekend, folk and music festival in Gays Mills. May 12,13,14, 2018.  Click on News and Events Page for more information.

June: June Dairy Days,  June 15. 16, 17, 2018.

JULY:   Stump Dodger Bash,  July 6, July 7, 2018 at Stump Dodger Campground, Gays Mills.

AUGUST:  Crawford County Fair will be held August 28 to 30, 2018 in Gays Mills. 

SEPT: Driftless Area Art Festival in Soldiers Grove will be held September 15-16 2018.  In addition to art, food music, Kid and Teen Art - there will be a Silent Auction from 11 am to 2 pm both days .

Gays Mills Apple Festival, September 28-30.. 2018


Open All Year:  McCormick's Rolling Ground Bar, Closed on Mondays.  Summer Hours:  Open at 10:00 am.   Winter Hours:  Open at 11 am.   Closes at 8:30 pm on Sunday

May/June Asparagus: Hillcrest Orchard.  Pecans - Richard's Orchards.

June:Strawberries, 2017 Strawberries available at Hillcrest Orchard, West Ridge. Pecans & Produce at Richard's Orchards.

July: Tart Cherries -   Kickapoo Orchard      Raspberries:  Hillcrest Orchard and Kickapoo Orchard.

August:  Apples and more:   West Ridge, Sunrise, Kickapoo, Fleming & Hillcrest Orchards are open. Apples, cider, tomatoes, sweet corn, bakeries with pies & donuts, & gift shops.

Open: Apple'licious Pie Depot, Norskhaven Gift & Coffee Shop.

September: Gays Mills Apple Festival: last full weekend in September.

Driftless Area Art Festival September 28-30. 2018..

Pick Your Own apples  when Starry Ridge Orchards opens.

PYO grapes at West Ridge Orchard and Kickapoo Orchard.

Also: Gift shops, bakeries, onions, pumpkins, squash, gourds, cranberries, and hot lunches. First shipments of apple gift packs.

October: Leaf watching along the Ridge. Apples, cider, potatoes, pumpkins, bakery, cranberries, squash, gourds, onions, and more continue to be available.

November:  Several apple salesrooms are still open with apples, cider, bakery and speciality Wisconsin products.  Shipping of apple gift packs continues.

Christmas trees available at Hillcrest Orchard.

Sunrise Orchard will be shipping gift packs, salesroom open until late December.

Gays Mills, WI

Soldiers Grove,WI

Prairie du Chien, WI

Driftless Wisconsin

Gays Mills Orchard Ridge Attractions:




West Ridge Orchard (#1)  52132 Hwy 171, west of Gays Mills. Closed for 2017.  Retail apples, tart cherries, cider, grapes, potatoes, squash, onions, fancy gourds pumpkins. Apple Crisp Donuts made fresh everyday!  Gift Shop Farm Toys. Mail address:  207 S. Main, Eastman, WI 54626 PH: (608) 735-4299.  Like us on Facebook

Sunrise Orchards (#2) 48340 Hwy. 171

Closed for the season.  Retail, wholesale apples & cider. Gift shop, bakery, Wisconsin-made food products. Shipping apple gift packs.  Famous Apple Cider Donuts. Ph: (608) 735-4645. 

Norskhaven Norwegian Gift & Coffee (#3)

47643 Hwy 171.  Closed for 2017 .   Norwegian specialty gift shop Open:Aug-Nov. Ph: (608) 735-4891. Like us on  Facebook




Kickapoo Orchard (#4) 46490 Hwy. 171. Closed for 2017.  Retail & wholesale apples & cider. Bakery, local wines, brandy made from our cider! Gift shop with Wisconsin specialty foods. Sunflower/Corn Maze  Credit cards at exit registers.  PH:  608-735-4637   Like us on Facebook




Fleming Orchards (#6) 45846 Hwy. 171. Closed for 2017 season.  Retail & wholesale apples, plus Pick Your Own Apples, cider, bakery, specialty food, squash, gourds, pumpkins, onions, potatoes.   Petting zoo!   Ph (608) 735-4625.  Lke us on Facebook


Apple'licious Pie Depot, Closed for 2017.   Bakery, home-made pies, apple pizza, and turnovers.      Ph: (608) 624-3783. Like us on Facebook

McCormick's Rolling Ground Bar and Grill  (# 8) 16463 Store Rd. Jct. Hwy 61 and 171. Open all year, closed on Mondays.  Summer:Open 10:00 am Winter Open 11:00 am - to close.  Sundays closing at 8:30 pm.  Great food and cold beer.    Ph: (608) 624-5684.  Like us on  Facebook

Hillcrest Orchard (#9) Jct. Hwy 61 & 171..Open Fri Sat & Sun 9 to 4. Retail & Wholesale apples, cider, pumpkins, squash, cranberries, onions, craft gourds, and Christmas trees. PH: (608) 624-5753 or 624-5762)   Like us on Facebook.

Richard's Orchards  #10






Open for.2017. Open June through October with pecans, produce, apples, pumpkins and Pearl's apple cider and vinegar.   PH:  608-391-1532. 
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